Academician Wei Yu, etc. Participated in the Performances of the “Three Seniors” Music Lovers Symphony Orchestra

By 唐瑭Viewed 440 2013-01-16

    On December 22, 2012, the 2013 New Year Concert of the “Three Seniors(the senior intellectuals, the senior cadres and the senior officers)” Music Lovers Symphony Orchestra organized by the country's Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Beijing Municipal People's Government was held at the National Grand Theatre. Academician Wei Yu--Former Vice Minister of Education and former president of SEU, and Mr. Zheng Liqi--chief editor of the Editorial Department of the journal of Southeast University, took part in the performances of choirs and Symphony Orchestra respectively.

    For this performance, Academician Wei Yu and Editor Zheng Liqi had repeatedly participated in Orchestra study, training, rehearsal and performance. Academician Wei Yu said: "Being a member of the choirs, I not only learned the proper vocal technique, but also made a lot of friends. Everyone was very devoted to the practice. This was a very, very worthy thing to do. " Editor Zheng Liqi participated in performances of the Symphony Orchestra violin voices and accompaniment.

    The concert caused a warm response at home and abroad after the reports by the news media such as the China Central Television news network, Focused Interviews, the Xinhua News Agency.

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