The Memorial Museum of Yang Tingbao’s Former Residence Held an Opening Ceremony

By 唐瑭Viewed 902 2013-01-16

On the morning of December 23, the opening ceremony of the Memorial Museum of Yang Tingbao’s Former Residence was grandly held at the Chengxian former residence of Yang Tingbao. Altogether over 50 guests attended the ceremony including Prof. Yang Shiying--Yang Tingbao’s eldest daughter, Guo Guangyin--our school’s Party Secretary, Chu Yonghong--Party Secretary of Xuanwu District, Xu Shuhai--director of Xuanwu District and Shen Yuanqin--president of China Building Industry Press.

Prof. Yang Shiying, Ms. Guo Guangyin, Mr. Chu Yonghong and Mr. Xu Shuhai jointly cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. In addition, the ceremony incorporated book signings of the new book Biography of Yang tingbao and the exhibition of SEU’s designs.

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