April 21st & April 22nd, 2016 Lecture: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Health Maintenance

By 吴婵Viewed 246 2016-04-19

When:18:30, April 21st (Wednesday) and April 22nd (Friday)


Where:J3-105, Jiulonghu Campus


Speaker:Fu Jinghua(famous Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist, professor&chief physician of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine)



The first lecture: Chinese Culture and Root of the Chinese Nation

The second lecture:Chinese Medicine and Basis of Health Maintenance


About the Lecture:

Professor Fu was born in a Traditional Chinese Medical family and grows up to be a renowned expert specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He once learnt from famous veteran practioners of TCM like Yue Meizhong, Fang Yaozhong, Geng Jianting, and devoted himself to Chinese&Western medical works for over 40 years. He has profound theoretical attainments and abundant clinical experience. During the lecture, Professor Fu will explain to us the foundation of Chinese Culture as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. The speech is well worth paying attention to.


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