April, 26th 2017 Lecture:“Always On The Road” Red Hall No. 9

By 吴婵Viewed 313 2017-04-24

When: 18:30, April 26(Thursday)

Where: Ruiliang Lecture Hall, Jiu Longhu Campus

Theme: Ideal, Responsibility and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Speaker: Hu Hanhui (Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of School of Economics and Management)

About the speaker:

Mr. Hu Hanhui is professor and doctoral supervisor of SEU. He is the director of the Center for Economic and Industrial Organization of Southeast University Group, mainly responsible for the industrial organization, analysis and planning, corporate strategy, knowledge management and theorem of research and teaching work. He has won China Book Award due to his translation of Competition in Telecommunications(2002), and has won Jiangsu Province Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Second Prize because of his monograph Uncertainty and The Problem of Enterprise Groups, and the Seventh National Statistical Science Research Outstanding Achievement Award First Prize (2004). He also won the title Outstanding Philosophy and Social Science Worker of Jiangsu Province twice (1999 and 2001), and has won Technology Progress Award many times.


Professor Hu is enthusiastic about directing students extracurricular research and social practice. He is the first batch of Excellent Social Practice Instructor of Jiangsu Province (1986). He has contributed a lot to SEU students to win Challenge Cup. Under his instruction, our students have won Nation Challenge Cup Science and Technology Competition Grand Award for many times. And he has instructed entrepreneurial team winning National Challenge Cup Entrepreneurship Program Gold Award. 

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