April, 26th 2017 Lecture:“Always On The Road” Red Hall No. 10

By 吴婵Viewed 412 2017-04-26

When: 18:30, April 26 (Thursday)

Where: Qunxian Lecture Hall, Si Pailou Campus

Theme: Chinas China South Sea Strategy

Speaker: Zhang Xiaolin(Doctoral Supervisor of Naval Academy of Commanding)

About the speaker: Mr. Zhang Xiaolin, born in Rudong, Jiangsu, is doctoral supervisor of Navy Academy of Commanding, with senior colonel rank. He graduated from the National Defense University graduate school in 1987. Mr. Zhang is distinguished expert of the national ministry of education, military strategy professor of Nanjing Navy Academy of Commanding, doctoral supervisor, military propaganda expert, SEU national defense education consultant expert, part-time professor of Nanjing Normal University and Nanjing Municipal Party School. Professor Zhang has visited and sailed along with navy army. He has been engaged in research and study of sea power and naval strategy theory. He has published more than 10 monograph and 100 articles, like Modern War Revelation, Decisive Battle, Naval Strategy, Naval Diplomacy”, Mahans Sea Power Theory Research and Naval Officers International Political Theory Textbook.


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