April 10th, 2017 Lecture: Enlightenment and the Revival of Traditional Culture

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When:  18:30, April 10  (Thursday)

Where: J3-105

Theme: Enlightenment and the  Revival of Traditional Culture

Speaker:  Professor Zhang Zhiwei  (Member of Academic Committee of Peoples University, Professor  of School of Philosophy)

About the  speaker:

Zhang Zhiwei is the  professor of School of Philosophy of Peoples University, Doctor of  Philosophy and doctoral supervisor. He served as deputy director of the  Department of Philosophy of Peoples University, vice  president of School of Humanities, executive vice president of School of  Philosophy and was a member of Philosophy Teaching Directing Committee of Higher  Education Of the Ministry of Education. He is now member of Academic Committee  of Peoples University, director  of Academic Committee of School of Philosophy, member of Cultural Quality  Education Steering Committee of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education,  chairman of National Association of Foreign Philosophy of China, vice president  of the Beijing Philosophy Society and member of Committee of Chinas Modern Foreign  Philosophy of Phenomenology. His research directions are the history of western  philosophy, metaphysics, and German philosophy etc. His main works are  Kants Moral World View, The  Historical Evolution of Metaphysics, Western Philosophy, Fifteen Lectures of  Western Philosophy and so on.

Recommend  Reason:

Professor Zhang Zhiwei  enjoys high reputation home and abroad in the field of western philosophy. He  specializes in modern western philosophy and German philosophy. His lecture  takes the philosophical problem as the core, gives lives to great ideas in  history in simple terms. He leads students to think in a philosophical way by  explaining obscure philosophy in vivid language. In this lecture, through the  discussion of the transformation from traditional society to modern society in  western civilization, Professor Zhang Zhiwei will analyze the contribution and  limitations of the Enlightenment and have a further discussion of the  reconstruction of enlightenment and the revival of traditional culture. The  opportunity is very rare. Everyone is welcomed to participate.

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