“Magnetic Microbubble” Developed by Team Led by Prof. Gu Ning Won Gold Medal at the 46th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions

By 吴婵Viewed 195 2018-04-26

From April 10 to April 15, the 46th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions sponsored by World Intellectual Property Organization, Swiss Confederation government, Geneva, and municipal government was held at Palexpo exhibition hall in Geneva, Switzerland. Organizations and inventors from all around the world attended the exhibition.

At the exhibition, Chinese delegation’s exhibit “magnetic microbubble for targeted therapy” by research team led by Prof. Gu Ning of SEU School of Biological Sciences and Medical Engineering gained approval of expert jury, and for the first time won the highest honor of the exhibition—“Gold Medal With the Congratulations of the Jury”. The SEU team in this exhibition was led by Prof. Yang Fang of School of Biological Sciences and Medical Engineering, with the assistance of young teacher Zhang Miao and doctoral student Li Mingxi

    Founded in 1973, the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions has successfully held 46 sessions by 2018. The exhibition is one of the longest and largest invention exhibitions in the world, the top stage of patent invention and technological innovation from all over the world, and an important international platform for the transformation of high-tech industry, university and research institute.

   At the same time, professional investors, numerous international media and tens of thousands of viewers attended the event. The professional judges of the exhibition was responsible for the analysis and evaluation of the exhibition items, the organizing committee issued the award-winning certificates and various awards. The international invention exhibition had a grand scale with more than 1000 inventions from more than 40 countries and regions in the world.

BesidesSoutheast University, there were representatives from altogether 27 famous Chinese universities, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, attended the exhibition. Conventioneers included delegations of well-known scholars, university students, representatives of corporations and independent inventors.

In this exhibition Southeast University had seven patent inventions and won a number of awards. Professor Zhang Tianzhu’s “lightweight anti-adhesion hernia patch” was awarded a silver medal at the exhibition. The “magnetic microbubble for targeted therapy” developed by research team leading by Prof. Gu Ning gained extensive attention, which is not only conducive to the transformation and international promotion of the technology in the future, but also demonstrates the innovation ability and spirit of SEU School of Biological Sciences and Medical Engineering, and wins the honor for the motherland.

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