The 9th Student’s Science & Technology Festival of Southeast University Was Unveiled

By 吴婵Viewed 169 2018-04-27

The opening ceremony of the 9th Students Science & Technology Festival of Southeast University and the colloquium delivered by Professor Ben De, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineeringwere convened at the Auditorium in Jizhong Building, Jiulonghu Campus in the afternoon of April 24. Hundreds of people including Ben De, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jin Baosheng, Vice President of Southeast University, relevant principals of the Dean's Office, Graduate School and the Youth League Committee and other departments, student representatives from various departments and colleges of the school, and student representatives from brother colleges and universities, etc. attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Jin Baosheng, Vice President granted the Letter of Appointment of Academic Consultant of the “Student’s Science & Technology Festival of Southeast University” to Academician Ben De, and expected, in his addressing, that all the students can take active role in the festival, cherish the opportunity of scientific research and practice as offered by the intramural innovative practice platform to indeed upgrade their capacity for scientific research. Besides, he also wished the students could persist in their ideal and faith unswervingly to become the youth of the times with dream, pursuit and sense of responsibility, concern the frontiers of science and technology in their participation in the science & technology activities, cultivate their international broad of vision, and strive to become the leading personnel. Besides, the students were also encouraged to take full utilization of the platform of the festival to promote interdisciplinary exchanges, enlighten thinking in an innovative manner and devote themselves to the scientific and technological innovation and practice with action.

After the ending of the opening ceremony, Professor Ben De, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered the lecture with the theme of “The Development History, Status Quo and Future of Phased Array Radar”. During his lecture, Academician Ben De explained profound theories in simple and attractive language. Teachers and students on the site also discussed with Academician Ben De profoundly in respect of some issues.

211 activities of such categories as academic reports, academic exchanges, science & technology exhibitions and competitions, etc. would be carried out during this Student’s Science & Technology Festival in the future over two months. (words by Zhao Hanrui, photo by: Qu Gang, Sheng Qixin, Jiang Wei).

(Editor in charge: Hang Tian; Reviewed by: Mao Huixi)

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