Foreign Teacher of School of Humanities SEU Talks about Marxism in CCTV Program “Dialogue”

By 吴婵Viewed 355 2018-05-14

On May 5, the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth, the column “Dialogue” of English channel of CGTN put on a special program “Commemorating Marxs 200th Birthday: What is Marxs legacy?” Dr. Jan Turowski from Department of Public Management of School of Humanities SEU, Dr. Gao Zhikai, deputy director of Center for China and Globalization, and Dr. Ju Zhengji from Free University Berlin discussed the topic as special guests. Dr. Jan Turowski shared his view points on the significance of Marxism at the present time, the understanding of capitalism, the attraction of socialism in the new era, and the role of Marxism in the development of China etc..

Talking about the guiding significance of Marxism to our society today, Dr. Turowski pointed out that Marx clearly told us that we need to understand the world before we try to change the world.Meanwhile, if you know what kind of world this is, then you really need to change it. Today, there are many students who are re-reading Marxism. When they try to find answers, Marxism can always give the best answer. The Marxism is always closely related to our lives because of its deep revelation of human society development law and the strong guiding significance for human to transform the world. Moreover, The Marxism provides strong spiritual strength for human to understand and change the world.

“Dialogue” is a Chinese high-level interview program facing the whole world especially the English-speaking world.Well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad are invited as guests in each programme of Dialogue.They discuss together about hot events in China and the world. Dialogue is a window for the interchange and communication of ideas and concepts, which has great international influence.

Dr. Turowski was graduated fromFree University Berlin. Since 2013, he has worked as a full-time teacher in School of Humanities SEU. His research fields include social democracy theories and principles, relations between politics and culture, cultural policies etc.. He is the author of a series of books and articles. Currently, he teaches a postgraduate course A Comparative Study of Social and Political Economic Policies as well as undergraduate courses A History of Western Political Thought, Comparative Politics, Contemporary Western Political Trends of Thought” etc..

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