Ph.D. Shao Junkai from Southeast University Won the "Oscar Award" in Design - 2018 iF Design Talent Award

By 吴婵Viewed 449 2018-05-15

The high-profile iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2018 in the global field of design was just announced. The work “Cleanbot” designed by Shao Junkai, a Ph.D. candidate specializing in Industrial Design at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Southeast University under the guidance of Prof. Xue Chengqi stood out among over 5000 entries from 50 participating countries upon three rounds of review by more than 60 international experts, and finally won the “2018 iF Design Talent Award”. iF Design Award is the most influential and highly recognized award in design; and it is renowned as the Oscar Award in the design field.

This is the international top award after the student specializing in Industrial Design at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Southeast University has won the gold award of the China GAC Design Award in 2017. The award-winning work “Cleanbot” has been highly recognized by the iF International Review Committee. It will be exhibited in German iF Hamburg Design Exhibition throughout the year and indefinitely displayed in the Design Yearbooks of iF's official website.

Cleanbot is an intelligent sucking cleaning robot to mainly solve the problem of cleaning flat or curved walls such as interior tiles, marbles and enamel steel panels, especially for high-altitude seam glass curtain walls outdoors. As controlled by a micro-computer drive system, the robot utilizes four distance sensors to capture the curvature of different curved walls, on which basis it adjusts its four oscillating followers to completely stick to the wall surface; meanwhile, the brushless motor rotates at high speed, the vacuum sucking formed by four closed spaces at the bottom forms the bonding force that can enable the robot to pass through curtain walls with seams. In addition, as driven by the electromagnetic force of the four magnetic levitating sucker balls, “Cleanbot” can freely adjust its direction when demanded. In this sense, it can solve the problem of cleaning the high-altitude curtain walls and improve the cleaning efficiency of walls of different shapes. It can be said that the design concept of Cleanbot has overturned the prevailing wall cleaning methods and opened up new possibilities for the development of intelligent home appliances in the future. 

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