30 SEU Couples and Students Celebrated the 116th Birthday of Southeast University With a Special Activity

By 吴婵Viewed 292 2018-06-08

This year marks the 30th anniversary since Southeast University renamed. On the morning of June 5th, the eve of the 116th birthday of Southeast University,30 SEU couples joined over 200 students, teachers, overseas students and kids in the kindergarten of Southeast University and accomplished the “smart mob” activity taking “All the Way with You, Love in Southeast University” as the theme and Sipailou Campus with profound history as the view, so as to salute to the persistently struggling members of Southeast University for the past thirty years and the university that braves the wind and rain from generation to generation. The activity was hosted by SEU Publicity Department, and cooperated by Art Instruction Center, Youth League Committee, School of Architecture, School of Electronic Engineering, College of International Students, Office of General Services, Security Department, etc.

At 9:30 a.m., with the sunshine that had just revealed itself, the windows on the second floor of the auditorium were slowly opened, violinists appeared in front of the windows, passionately played the violins in hand, and the melody of “Light of Spring” slowly flew out... the gate to the auditorium was slowly opened, and 60 kids in the kindergarten flooded out happily, girl students of the chorus who followed out sang aloud “Light of Spring” on both sides of the stairs, and 30 couples walked out of the auditorium among the audience and blessings of the masses. Among them, there were “diamond wedding couples” at the grand old age of over 90 having married for 64 years, and newly weds that are about to walk down the aisle; there were alumni and alumnae who have experienced and witnessed the ceremony of the renaming of the university and those who first registered after the university renamed. In the Fountain Pond that they were faced with, there were big heart-shaped figures of “30” and “116”. They professed the most sincere devotion to each other and the Alma mater. Professor Zhou E, an Electrical Engineering major graduating from Central University in 1948 and a retired teacher in School of Electrical Engineering of Southeast University said: “I have been with my spouse for 64 years, we love Southeast University!” The couple of Wang Haifeng and Ding Huaxia, alumnus and alumna entering Department of Architecture of Southeast University in 1988 said: “We are classmates in the same class, we are grateful of our Alma mater, Southeast University, and we look forward to the next gathering in another 30 years!” Cui Yaodan, an alumna entering School of Economics and Management of Southeast University in 2010 and Zhu Zhiyong, an alumnus entering School of Mechanical Engineering of Southeast University in 2010 said: “Today we have obtained our marriage lines! On this special day, we wish our Alma mater happy birthday on the 116th anniversary...” At this moment, Southeast University was surrounded with deep love, and many students and teachers couldn’t stop their exciting tears.

The crowd was still gathering, led by “little ring bearers”, the couples walked to Central Avenue along Fountain Pool, students, teachers and overseas students on the roadside joined the team one after another. Streams of people gathered in front of the Southern Gate to Sipailou campus where the unveiling ceremony of renaming again 30 years ago was held. Witnessed by all, the couple of Professor Hu Aiqun, the last holders of the diploma of Nanjing Institute of Technology and the couple of Yuan Yanqun who were among the first students entering Southeast University (in 1988) and hurried from Guangzhou unlocked the balloons on both sides of the gate. With the balloons, flowers, happiness, people were brought back to 30 years ago when SEU was renamed.

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