Professor Shah, Executive President of the University of Science and Technology, Bannu in Pakistan Visited Southeast University

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In the afternoon of June 29, Professor Abid Ali Shah, Executive President of the University of Science and Technology, Bannu in Pakistan visited Southeast University. Vice President Wu Gang met with the delegation led by President Shah. Relevant principals in charge of the International Cooperation Office and the School of Civil Engineering attended the meeting.

During the talks, Wu Gang expressed the visit of Shah. He introduced the historic reform and development of Southeast University, focused on the double first-class construction of Southeast University. Wu Gang said that the cooperation between Southeast University and the University of Science and Technology, Bannu has been closely related to the national “Belt and Road” initiative, which would be conducive to deepen the friendship between Chinese and Pakistani people. President Shah said that Southeast University featured very beautiful campus environment, which impressed him a lot. He expected that the University of Science and Technology, Bannu and Southeast University could establish long-term friendship to carry out multi-disciplinary exchanges and cooperation; in addition, he also said that he would dispatch outstanding students to Southeast University for exchanges and study, and also welcomed teachers and students from Southeast University to visit the University of Science and Technology, Bannu. Both parties finally signed a memorandum on enrolment of overseas students in China, joint cultivation of students, exchanges of teachers and scientific research, etc..

During the visit, Shah also delivered a brilliant report titled “Introduction to Pakistan and Health Monitoring of Structures”, which introduced the latest theoretical knowledge and cutting-edge technology in respect of non-destructive testing of building and bridge structures by using ultrasound.

The University of Science and Technology, Bannu (hereinafter referred to as “USTB”), a public university established in 2005, highlights undergraduate majors in engineering, social and natural sciences, arts and humanities, etc. with corresponding master's and doctoral programs. President Abid Ali Shah received his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Leipzig in Germany in 2004. His main research interests focus on structural earthquake resistance and restoration. At present, he is a registered engineer in Pakistan, a member of German Engineering Research Foundation and a member of Saudi Engineers Committee

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