Southeast University and Guizhou Provincial People’s Government Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement

By 吴婵Viewed 30 2019-07-12

The signing ceremony was presided over by Zhang Ping, Secretary-General of Guizhou Provincial Government. Zhang Guangjun, President of Southeast University and Lu Yongzheng, Vice Governor of Guizhou Province, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Chen Yiqin, Vice Secretary of Guizhou Provincial CPC Committee and Governor of Guizhou Province, Zhu Xinwu, Party Secretary of Guizhou Provincial Education Department, Zou Keding, Director of Education Department, Zuo Wei, CPC Secretary of Southeast University and Wang Baoping, Managing Vice President of Southeast University attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing. Afterwards President Zhang Guangjun and Song Bao’an, President of Guizhou University jointly unveiled the Key Laboratory under the Ministry of Education about Urban and Architectural Heritage Protection of Southeast University (Guizhou Center).

Chen Yiqin met with the delegation of Zuo Wei and Zhang Guangjun before the agreement signing. During the talks, she, on behalf of Guizhou Provincial CPC Committee and Guizhou Provincial Government, extended her ardent welcome and sincere appreciations to the delegation of Southeast University for their arrival at Guiyang. Zhen Yiqin introduced the efforts made by Guizhou Province in terms of economic development, education and poverty alleviation, etc.. As she indicated, the schools and the local government have conducted extensive cooperation in respect of talent cultivation, scientific research cooperation, enrollment and employment, and voluntary service, etc. since the signing of the preceding round of strategic cooperation agreement. Up to now, abundant achievements have been made. Thus the new round of strategic cooperation agreement signed by both parties must inject new vitality to the school’s and local development. Zuo Wei also expressed his sincere gratitude to Guizhou Province for its long-term concern, support, assistance and trust about the undertaking development of Southeast University, and congratulated on the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between both parties. He said Southeast University had conducted cooperation and exchanges with Guizhou Province in various forms in hopes that it could make contributions to the provincial economic construction and development. Meanwhile, the rapid development of Guizhou Province has also provided rare historic opportunities to Southeast University for its direct engagement insocial services and poverty alleviation. Zuo Wei indicated the achievements made by Southeast University in its “Double First-class” construction, the fourth-round disciplinary assessment, the teaching and scientific research, etc. have benefited from the school’s running for so many years. Southeast University has always considered serving the national strategic demands and local economic development as its own mission. It is expected that the signing of this round of strategic cooperation agreement between both parties would make further contributions to the high-quality economic and social development of Guizhou City.

It is reported that both parties will adhere to the principles of “mutual supplementation of advantages, mutual benefit and win-win, strive for practical results and common development” according to the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Guizhou Provincial People’s Government and Southeast University”. Meanwhile, both parties will develop cooperation in an overall and deep manner from multiple perspectives by means of establishing a province-school cooperation leadership team, the strategic cooperation and consultation mechanism and the information reporting system so as to better promote the comprehensive cooperation between Jiangsu Province and Guizhou Province and serve the scientific development of the two places.

       Comrades from Southeast University’s CPC Office, the President’s Office, the CPC Organization Department, the CPC Publicity Department, the Graduate School, the Teaching Affairs Office, the Scientific Research Institute, the Personnel Department, the Finance Department, the School of Architecture, the Key Laboratory under the Ministry of Education about Urban and Architectural Heritage Protection attended the signing ceremony.

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